Swissmedic and GMP qualified production site


TRB’s Swiss industrial site, based in Vouvry, essentially consists of two production units:

One is dedicated to the extraction of gangliosides, the second to the manufacture of injectable products based on hyaluronic acid. The factory also has a research and development department that works in close collaboration with the production department. All of TRB’s innovative on-site production methods and processes are developed and implemented by the same research and development department. Thanks to its first-class equipment, it has achieved a high level of specialist knowledge in biotechnology, molecular biology, chemical extraction, synthesis and finally in galenics. The use of only high quality ingredients guarantees the excellence of TRB products, always respecting the environment.


Both the TRB production facility for injectable products based on hyaluronic acid and the GM1* production facility were developed and implemented by the technical department of the factory in accordance with the applicable GMP requirements. The technical department located in the factory increases our flexibility and our ability to integrate and at the same time strengthen the conception and the technical autonomy of TRB.

The process for the production of gangliosides, in particular the monosialoganglioside process, was completely developed and expanded at the Vouvry site. A ganglioside powder is obtained after various steps of purification, extraction and purification. It is the main raw material of the GM1* active ingredient.


This raw material undergoes various industrial treatments, including concentration and dialysis, but also several phases based on biotechnological know-how. After this processing, it then goes through a (cleaning) column based on ion exchange resin in order to obtain a high-purity GM1*. Working with the R&D department, the development of the same techniques at the industrial level has helped TRB improve its purification and extraction expertise in order to obtain high quality products.

The production facility is equipped with distillation equipment that enables the recycling of solvents, which minimizes the environmental impact and the generation of waste.