VISCOSEAL® SYRINGE is injected immediately after arthroscopy, a hyaluronic acid product

Pre-filled syringe 10 ml

Acts as a temporary replacement of the synovial fluid and supports pain relief and restoration of joint function after arthroscopy in the knee or shoulder joint.

  • 0.5% hyaluronic acid obtained by biofermentation
  • Free from animal protein
  • Structure matches the natural hyaluronic acid present in human body (no chemical modification)
  • Terminal sterilisation by autoclave (SAL6)
  • Efficacy demonstrated in clinical studies: quicker recovery of mobility1 and reduced pain2 after the arthroscopy


Registered under Act 737
MDA Reg. No. GD14886330617




Main ingredient

Pre-filled syringe 10 ml 0.5% Hyaluronic acid

The contents and the outer surface of the VISCOSEAL® SYRINGE pre-filled syringe are sterile as long as the sterile pack remains intact. VISCOSEAL® SYRINGE should be used at the end of arthroscopy after completion of the normal irrigating procedure. Take the pre-fillled syringe out of the sterile pack. Remove the cap, attach a suitable needle and secure it by turning slightly. Remove any air bubble, if present, before injection. Introduce VISCOSEAL® SYRINGE into the joint cavity. Alternatively, the pre-filled syringe may be placed directly into a portal in the joint. The introduction of VISCOSEAL® SYRINGE into the joint cavity will help to wash out the remaining irrigation solution.

For doctor use only


Proven Efficacy

VISCOSEAL® SYRINGE temporarily replaces the synovial fluid in the joint.

Positive effects include:

  • Rapid pain relief2
  • Reduced intake of painkillers1
  • Improved mobility1
  • Faster return to everyday activities3

Safe and well-tolerated

  • Terminal sterilisation by autoclave (SAL6)
  • Free from animal protein
  • Optimal molecular weight
  • Structure matches the natural hyaluronic acid present in human body




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