OSTENIL TENDON syringe and packaging.

Pre-filled syringe 2 ml

OSTENIL® TENDON pre-filled syringe is formulated to relieve pain and improve mobility in the case of tendon disorders. Effective, safe and very well-tolerated!

OSTENIL® TENDON is injected by the doctor into the tendon sheath of affected tendon. If tendon sheath is absent, a peritendinous injection can be done. In both cases, OSTENIL® TENDON will spread throughout the tendon. OSTENIL® TENDON has an ideal compatibility as it contains hyaluronic acid that matches the natural hyaluronic acid present in human body.

  • 2% hyaluronic acid obtained by biofermentation
  • 0.5% mannitol
  • 2 injections at weekly interval
  • Suitable for all tendons


Registered under Act 737
MDA Reg. No. GD64411550418



Main ingredient

Pre-filled syringe 2 ml 2% Hyaluronic acid

Inject OSTENIL® TENDON around the affected tendon or into the affected tendon sheath once a week for a total of 2 injections. Several tendons may be treated at the same time. Repeat treatments may be administered as required. The content and outer surface of the OSTENIL® TENDON pre-filled syringe are sterile as long as the sterile pack remains unbroken. Take the pre-filled syringe out of the sterile pack, unscrew the Luer-Lock cap, attach a suitable needle (for example 25 to 27 G) and secure by turning slightly. Remove any air bubble, if present, before injection.

For doctor use only


Proven to be effective

The hyaluronic acid contained in OSTENIL® TENDON is obtained by biofermentation. As OSTENIL® TENDON contains no animal protein, the possible allergy potential can be almost completely ruled out. The biocompatibility is ideal given that the structure of our hyaluronic acid matches the hyaluronic acid naturally present in human body.
Pain can be significantly reduced for at least 3 months with two OSTENIL® TENDON injections1-4.

  • More effective than cortisone2-3
  • More effective than shock wave therapy4

Safe and well-tolerated

  • Terminal sterilisation by autoclave (SAL6)
  • Hyaluronic acid obtained by biofermentation
  • Free from animal protein
  • Contains mannitol, a free radical scavenger which helps to stabilise the hyaluronic acid
  • Optimal molecular weight
  • Structure matches the natural hyaluronic acid in human body