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Reduction of pain in osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is considered to be the most common joint disease, especially among middle-aged and elderly people, and is therefore one of the ten most disabling diseases in industrialised countries.1

Current osteoarthritis treatment strategies focus on pain relief, improving function and maintaining quality of life. TRB researches, develops, manufactures and markets various molecules for the treatment of pain caused by osteoarthritis, such as products based on hyaluronic acid and diacerein. The OSTENIL® Line range consists of hyaluronic acid-containing products with various formulations and was developed to improve the symptoms and joint function of osteoarthritis patients after intra-articular injection.2-7 Due to its unique viscoelastic properties, hyaluronic acid has been used as a viscous supplement for treating osteoarthritis of the joints by means of intra-articular injection for many years. Diacerein is an active ingredient used to treat osteoarthritis symptoms that is derived from aloe vera. Clinically, it has been shown that diacerein effectively relieves pain and improves joint function in patients with knee or hip osteoarthritis.


Relief from painful tendinopathy

Tendinopathies are common tendon disorders that are mainly caused by overuse or inappropriate strain on the tendons.10

OSTENIL® TENDON was developed for the treatment of pain and restricted mobility in tendon disorders. Based on the biomechanical properties of hyaluronic acid, it has proven to be effective and safe in the treatment of rotator cuff/ supraspinatus endopathy11,12,  achilles endopathy13,14, tennis elbow13 and peroneal tendinopathy13. Patients will benefit from rapid pain relief and a quick return to normal everyday and sports activities.11-14


Accelerating recovery after arthroscopy

VISCOSEAL® SYRINGE solution for joint recovery after arthroscopy, has been specifically developed to replace the synovial fluid post-arthroscopy and therefore to prevent post-operative complications.15

VISCOSEAL® SYRINGE has an excellent safety profile and has demonstrated to:

  • Reduction of post-operative pain and effusions16-21
  • Improved joint function and mobility17.22
  • Reduced consumption of painkillers17,20,21
  • Shortened time to discharge from the hospital20.21

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